update to OCTOGONY — Sept. 21 – 29, 2018

FIRE 30” X 40” oil on canvas

30” X 40” oil on canvas

I am trying to investigate different ways of presenting landscape by placing it in a context that encourages a viewer not to take it for granted. The current series of paintings follows on from an exhibition of pastel landscapes — “Distant Glimpses” — where I explored how we restrict our vision of the natural environment by viewing it through the windscreen of a car or the window of a ferry, confining it to a narrow rectangular shape that does not encourage our eyes to travel through the various angles and shapes beyond our vision.

In these new oil paintings, the reality of the natural world is offset by the lines, textures and colours of the surrounding human-generated world. This context suggest the effect that human beings have on the landscape — encroachment and disruption through, for example, roads, pollution, and fire. These influences are ever-present — sometimes consciously, but often only subconsciously — as we view our natural environment. As natural vistas become regarded evermore superficially as convenient backdrops for “selfies”, I hope these new works may convey a message of political and environmental importance.


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